The Sugar Train Departed

It is summer time here. People are swimming and flocking to the beach. But not me.

Today I saw Les Miserables for the second time, this time in Gold Class. It was much better, which you would expect, however one thing that was better was the quality of the sound. Not so much an audio assault. Smoother. The image seemed clearer too. I am impressed with this movie. It is not perfect. But it is very very good. I hope Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway get OSCAR nominations. And perhaps Mr Cooper the Director and then there is….

During the pre-movie ads I started a list in My Notes in my phone: Movies I want to see. Already there are 7 on the list.

At midnight on New Year’s Eve The Sugar Train left my life. I remained on the sugar-free station. Now I am back to fabulous salads and healthy options. How about you? I’m using this image for the Weekend Cooking also.


Check out others here, or join in. 

I’ve been watching movies, mini series etc on You Tube. Currently I am half way through ‘Ghandi’. Not really an average movie. 

I am also reviewing my options for the year, how I want to structure the work I do. Not to mention my life. And get my writing completed. And published.

PS. I am totally creeped out by spiders. I have a dead one I am trying to remove. {shudder}

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The cheer will hang in the air.

I missed the deadline for my contribution to the 2012 Advent Calendar. I had planned a cheery summery Christmas article.

However in the light of the tragic events in Newtown Connecticut I find my thoughts have moved to other aspects of Christmas. The aspects of Christmas I celebrate privately.       In my heart.

When I wrote HERE of ways to ease the ache of your empty arms and seasonal loneliness I did not think that so many families would have freshly broken hearts. That a nation, if not the world would have reason to recoil.

Somehow we have to move on from the shock and horror. Some how this little town will hold 26 funerals during this, the week before Christmas. I cannot not grasp that.
The Christmas trees will still sparkle, the gifts will remain wrapped. The cheer will hang in the air. The families will remember other Christmas seasons.

One day at a time they, and we will move forward. We can do this.

These beautiful children and their inspirational teachers have been called Home to God.
We are left here. What can we do?
Perhaps we might watch over our children a little more,  watch over all children. Not smother them. Just be a little more aware. A little more observant.

President Obama spoke at the Newtown Memorial Service. This is a Tweet from his address.

We can live in hope and faith. We can refuse to be broken by this and other such events. We can pray for comfort for these families. For our families.
Pray for courage for the national leaders who must address serious issues.

We can embrace what Christmas is about. Really about. 
It’s about the birth of a baby called Jesus. A baby who would grow and change the world. A man that would show us a better way. That would give us hope. That through the giving of His Life would show us that our lives will be eternal.
And in that we can know that these children yet live. We will all live. Just not here.           But not so far away.

Jesus said ‘Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.’

John 14:27 (I added the italics)

Cry through your prayers, Light a candle, hold a hand, be brave and smile.                     Look to each other. Look to tomorrow

May there be moments of Merry in your Christmas.

Greg Olsen’s Art

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The Essential Christmas Cookbook.

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat…well maybe, or maybe not…but for sure there is a lot to do if you have family and friends coming over on the day or for a seasonal party in the lead up.

I recall the first Christmas I took over from my mother. She had several friends drop in during the morning. However all had to rush off  home to stuff turkeys and crank up their ovens…she was delighted to inform them she just had to take a bag of frozen peas ‘to Jane’s place. She is doing it all’.  That was the year of my turkey cooking adventure…more about that next week. 

I have had this book for several years…it is very traditional yet also helpful. I snaptured these images with my iPhone and used an app to create the frames etc.




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Weekend Cooking

I am delighted to return to Weekend Cooking with Beth.


click on logo to read to about other weekend cooks.

Summer has arrived. Here in Australia. And that means stone fruits, salads and BBQs. I love salads. I like to add all kinds of foods to a salad.

copyrightThis time I added slices of Nectarine. I used a Mango dressing.


The rest was kind of basic. But fresh and yummy.

Yes, Christmas is almost here…more about that next week…

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Yes folks it is summer here, the cricket will be on and as I am a woman I can multi-task my way through both events.

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remembering danielToday Daniel’s family, friends and communities are remembering this young man who went missing, 9 years ago today.

Sadly it was to be years until they knew what had happened.

A service in the Sunshine Coast has been held, covered by Television and Radio. This is a story that touched us all. We have watched his family, especially his parents walk in grace and dignity as they have turned this terrible tragedy into a mission to keep all children safe.

Each October we ‘Walk for Daniel’. We wear Red to remember him.

Visit the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. 

Let’s keep our children safe