The Sugar Train Departed

It is summer time here. People are swimming and flocking to the beach. But not me.

Today I saw Les Miserables for the second time, this time in Gold Class. It was much better, which you would expect, however one thing that was better was the quality of the sound. Not so much an audio assault. Smoother. The image seemed clearer too. I am impressed with this movie. It is not perfect. But it is very very good. I hope Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway get OSCAR nominations. And perhaps Mr Cooper the Director and then there is….

During the pre-movie ads I started a list in My Notes in my phone: Movies I want to see. Already there are 7 on the list.

At midnight on New Year’s Eve The Sugar Train left my life. I remained on the sugar-free station. Now I am back to fabulous salads and healthy options. How about you? I’m using this image for the Weekend Cooking also.


Check out others here, or join in. 

I’ve been watching movies, mini series etc on You Tube. Currently I am half way through ‘Ghandi’. Not really an average movie. 

I am also reviewing my options for the year, how I want to structure the work I do. Not to mention my life. And get my writing completed. And published.

PS. I am totally creeped out by spiders. I have a dead one I am trying to remove. {shudder}

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