The Essential Christmas Cookbook.

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat…well maybe, or maybe not…but for sure there is a lot to do if you have family and friends coming over on the day or for a seasonal party in the lead up.

I recall the first Christmas I took over from my mother. She had several friends drop in during the morning. However all had to rush off  home to stuff turkeys and crank up their ovens…she was delighted to inform them she just had to take a bag of frozen peas ‘to Jane’s place. She is doing it all’.  That was the year of my turkey cooking adventure…more about that next week. 

I have had this book for several years…it is very traditional yet also helpful. I snaptured these images with my iPhone and used an app to create the frames etc.




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5 thoughts on “The Essential Christmas Cookbook.

  1. I love how you put together this post. Very clever. Now I need to check out some more photo apps. LOL. Everything looks yummy. I like the idea of menu suggestions and the countdown. Great post.

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